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Goodman Games stole my idea

June 15, 2011

before I came up with it.  Clearly this means that they are in possession of a time-tunnel and the HYBRID-RPG guy is on to something after all (bless his fractured soul.)

Anyway, I downloaded the Goodman Games Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, and whaddyaknow, HIS clerics can pray for random shit too.  The main difference between his system and mine is that my strictures are applied to making sure players don’t try it too often (once every ten sessions being the optimal amount of time), while making the results of the prayer pretty much up to the DM, whereas Goodman’s restrictions lie in making a granted prayer contingent on a dice roll (a “spell check”, in his system.)

That’s kind of an interesting difference, isn’t it?  I suppose that it comes down to two visualizations of the same process:  my rules assume that a prayer is directly beseeching the DM for his/her favor and not the “gods of chance”, so to speak, and Goodman sees it as a question of pure probability.  Oh well, what can I say?  I have ABSOLUTELY no problem with DM fiat, and I figure that if any character should get a little extra fiatitude it should be the cleric.

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